Tips On How To Determine An Executive Education Program

1. Find out the development needs. Boil it right down to the top three development needs, or in simple terms, "what are you currently hoping to get from a program?" Typical the desired info is "learn how you can~the way to~tips on how to~the best way to~ways to become more strategic", "leading change", or some combination of functional knowledge (finance, sales, and marketing). There could be is a timeframe that's better or worse than these (i.e., next A few months, stay away from the summer, etc...)

2. Search your favorite executive education providers.

3. Once you find a couple of potential programs, look for a good fit. Go through the recommended participant level, participant mix, industry mix, and company participation.

4. Browse the instructors, read the bios. Review the day-to-day agenda, topics, and activities. Again, you desire a great fit to the participant and his/her development needs. Talk with the provider's Exec Ed Director, or somebody who can help you find out more about the programs.
Ask other's when they have exposure to the program.

5. Speak with past participants if at all possible, or someone accountable for leadership/executive development development.

6. Geography is often one factor. Searching for a global experience? Than choose a good combination of global participants, or even better, attend a program outside of the U.S.

7. Amount of program: Programs range between 2-3 days to 6 weeks. I honestly have no idea of how one can afford to go to a 6 week program these days, unless they are on a sabbatical or their business is just hoping to get eliminate them for a while.

8. Check out the amenities'. Okay, I realize, it is a learning experience and not a secondary, but high quality food, accommodations, and surroundings each is area of the total experience. Also check if the room and meals are included in the program.

9. Factors which should not an element of a decision: alumni relationships, timing coinciding using the NCAA playoffs, and catchy program titles.

10. After all with this, narrow it down to 2-3 program, and after that select determined by best fit, timing, and charges.

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